Mom and Baby

Our products can be used for the care of mothers and babies. Find out how to use them best!

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Chronic wounds

Honeypatch supports you from A to Z in chronic wound care.

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Honeypatch products are also used and recommended by veterinarians.

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Sterile and organic products

Honeypatch products are completely natural, with no additives or preservatives. They are also effective on animals.

Honeypatch acts on the 4 phases of healing

Thanks to its universal dressings, Honeypatch treats a wound from “A to Z”.


Honeypatch products are used in many hospitals and are also sold in pharmacies and specialty stores.

Feedback on our products

Your products are great in any case, I used them following necrosis on the wrist (surgeon's advice). First the MOIST then the DRY and it worked really well :)
Customer reviews
MOIST Healing Absorbent Patch + DRY Healing Protective Patch
As a midwife, I use honey to heal breastfeeding cracks and wounds from cesarean section or episiotomies... Rapid healing!!
Customer reviews
PURE - Medical honey against the development of wounds
Hello, Following eyelid surgery I used the healing cream as a reference and I had very good results. So impressive that I saw a huge difference in the skin on my face. So I've been using it daily for a year and it replaced my day cream. My skin is hydrated and much more supple than before and I can even say that it has rejuvenated…
Customer reviews
BALM Cicacera - Restorative medical wax for weakened skin without bleeding


  • Can I receive samples?

    Order a sample (unit dose) for a trial within 48 hours and receive a voucher worth 10% off your next order. If you are a healthcare professional, do not hesitate to contact us via the information given below to receive samples.

  • It's expensive, what explains this price?

    Honeypatch products are sold by the piece. They accelerate wound healing, therefore they reduce consumption. The patches do not need to be changed daily, you can keep them on for several days (it will turn white when it reaches saturation). The BALM and PURE use an airless pump, so you can use them for several different wounds.

  • Does honey really heal?

    Honeypatch medical honey is a pure, organic and sterile honey that has been rigorously selected and analyzed to have healing and antibacterial properties. It respects a very strict quality charter which is imposed by the European CE label. Honeypatch imposes an even stricter quality charter which precisely defines the healing and antibacterial chemical components present in honey as well as the concentrations necessary to obtain a clinical effect validated and confirmed by more than 260 clinical cases.