How to cure bedsores with honey?

Thebedsore is a form ofskin ulcer which occurs as a result of constant and repeated pressure, for example linked to immobilization.

Pressure ulcers evolve according to 4 stages of gravity, ranging from redness (erythema) to chronic, deep, exudate-producing wounds (oozing fluid). It is very important to take preventative measures against the appearance of bedsores. Range HONEYPATCH offers gentle and natural treatments composed of healing honey and adapted beeswax.

From prevention to treatment of bedsores at each stage of development.




Pressure ulcers, what are they?

Bedsores are wounds that appear in people who lack of mobility, that is, people who have to lie down for a long time in bed or who cannot move well and remain immobilized in a chair.


They are caused by compression of tissue between the bones and the bed or chair on which the patient rests. This excessive pressure is especially exerted in certain areas of the body where the bones are flush with the skin:

- the heels

- lower back

- hips

- the top of the buttocks (the sacrum)

- feet and malleoli

- the head.



escarres allitement

the lack of blood flow into these vessels crushed blood then causes the process of appearance and development of these sores, these skin ulcers.

Certain conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, lack of oxygen, a burn, dampness, all cause pressure sores to develop.

HONEYPATCH natural solutions against bedsores: apitherapy

To prevent and treat bedsores naturally HONEYPATCH has developed a line of apitherapy dressings. A selection of particularly healing honey and beeswax.

We recommend :

  • Our baume HONEYPATCH (URL link to product sheet) for the early stage
  • The application of our DRY pattern patch (URL link to product sheet) for a pressure ulcer of degree 2
  • The application of our MOIST pattern patch (URL link to product sheet) for grade 3 and 4 pressure ulcers


HONEYPATCH products are also indicated for diabetic patients.




Order a logbook level to follow the progress of the HONEYPATCH treatment and benefit from an adapted treatment protocol. (URL link to product sheet)

The bedsores, very susceptible to infection require a long time to heal. Beehive products offer a gentle, natural and effective solution.


Bedsores, how do they appear and how do they evolve?

One of the difficulties with pressure ulcers is that they are sores that start on the inside. The skin necroses and the process is already in action when the first redness appears.

Pressure ulcers appear and are categorized by 4 evolutionary stages:

Stage 1: erythema of the affected area. The skin is intact but redness persistent appear.

Stage 2: The skin loses some of its thickness and blisters appear on the affected area

Stage 3: The skin loses all its thickness but does not affect surrounding tissue. This is a superficial ulceration of the skin.

Stage 4: Deep ulceration of the skin with extensive tissue destruction. The destruction can affect muscles, bones, tendons and joints.

It is very important to determine the stage of development of the pressure ulcer to allow proper treatment.


 How to avoid bedsores? How to prevent their appearance?


The process of developing pressure ulcers, and therefore the crushing of blood vessels, begins in depth. The redness and sores, on the other hand, do not appear until after some time. It is therefore very important to prevent their occurrence. The longer a person is immobilized on a pressure point, the more serious the lesions will be..

Here are some tips for people who are bedridden or immobilized:

 1) Change your position regularly. Sitting or lying still for several hours can cause pressure sores to develop.

 2) Repeat massages on pressure areas several times a day

3) Ensure a hydration and adapted nutrition, healthy and sufficient

4) There are specially designed mattresses and cushions for the prevention of pressure ulcers. Substrates that are too soft or too hard are strongly discouraged.

5) In case of urinary incontinence, care must be taken to avoid permanent humidity. It would lead to maceration of the skin which would weaken the tissues.

6) Avoid rubbing the skin too rigorously and worsening the condition of the tissues. a gentle massage with cream protecting the skin from external aggressions. the Baume HONEYPATCH containing beeswax and olive oil forms a protective barrier (Url link)

7) Avoid local warming of the skin, for example when using a hair dryer.


We draw your attention to the fact that "When prevention fails and a pressure sore forms, it is all the more important to pursue preventive measures and to strengthen them (...) The essential measures are the application of alternate mobilization, the use pressure reducing mattresses and cushions as well as heel protection devices



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