MOIST - Absorbent healing patch


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the MOIST pattern patch is a combination of a natural calcium alginate patch impregnated with a large amount of HONEYPATCH medical honey. It is applied to medium or deep wounds.


PATCH MOIST are available in 10x10 cm or 5X5 cm format per piece. They contain 20g of honey, the equivalent of a whole TUBE of our HONEYPATCH ointment, for a much lower price. 

PATCH MOIST are also sold in "Multipacks" lots on which HONEYPATCH directly applies a discount comparable to the moderating price of the mutual insurance company. And this, pending the acceptance of our file at the INAMI. This discount is provisionally valid for all, without request to the mutual


The MOIST patch is applied to wounds where the medium to deep dermis is affected. These wounds (eg diabetic ulcers) often secrete fibrin or leak a liquid exudate like water. 

Our MOIST patch goes absorb the exudate, heal the wound and has a antibacterial action on all types of pathogenic germs present.  


They can also be used on horses or small animals and are recommended by the veterinary faculty of ULiège. For wounds with damage to the superficial dermis, choose the DRY model.

Application : They change every 48 to 72 hours. They should be covered with a "secondary" dressing such as woven cotton gauze or an absorbent pad.


The patch consists of a patch of natural calcium alginate impregnated with a large amount of our medical honey.