How to treat a burn?

In the event of a burn, the # 1 goal is to save the skin!

To do this, within 20 minutes, rinse your skin by running cool tap water over the burn for 20 minutes.

After this first aid, observe the condition of the wound, this will give you an indication of the degree of burn and you can then quickly decide what actions to take. The most severe burns must be taken care of in the emergency room.

There are several degrees of severity, from first to fourth degree burns

How to assess the severity of a burn and the severity of wounds, lesions on the skin?

  • First degree burn: wound closed, redness, no blister

  • Second degree burn: closed wound, redness, WITH blisters

  • Third degree burn: open wound with white areas

  • Fourth degree burn: brownish or black open sore, no pain

What to put on a burn?

The HONEYPATCH range recommends its natural solutions offered by bees to treat burns of varying degrees:

First degree burns: hydrate, nourish and soothe

Apply our BALM (1 dose is sufficient) 1 to 2X / day. Remember to apply a new dose after a shower or bath. The detergent action of soaps alters the protection of the epidermis offered by our BALM.

Superficial second degree burns: healing

Apply the BALM if the blister is closed Where our Healing honey (eg in 20g TUBE) if it is open: be careful, one drop is enough! Protect with a bandage if the area comes in contact with clothing.

Deep second degree burns: rebuilding and healing

Apply a compress patch DRY (sold individually in 5x5cm or 10x10cm) to avoid tearing wounds when dressing changes and to cover with gauze, fix the gauze with adhesive plaster. Change 1X / day then when the skin is rebuilt, protect the wound at the end of healing with the BALM (pompe airless ou discovery kit).

Third degree burn: professional care

The application of HONEYPATCH dressings requires the professional advice and care of health. For information, here is the address of the Fondation des Brûlés website: wwww.brulures.be. You will find contact addresses for burn centers near you as well as advice on treatment. 


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