DRY - Protective healing patch

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Dry (10x10cm)
  • Dry (10x10cm)


The DRY is divisible. Indeed, it is powerful and must therefore be cut to the size of the wound to avoid pain. It should not extend beyond the edges of the wound. Leave the two plastic films that protect the patch to make cutting easier.

Remove the two plastic films (1 green and 1 transparent) before applying the patch to the wound.

 The wound should not be disinfected beforehand with isobetadine because DRY has an antibacterial action on all types of pathogenic germs present in the wound. DRY cleans the wound and helps with granulation, i.e. the budding of skin islands. The large mesh microfiber tulle helps protect these islands of skin so as not to tear them off during wound care and thus accelerate healing. Once the islands of skin multiply and enlarge, DRY is always indicated for the epidermization phase, that is to say when the skin closes from the edges towards the center of the wound.

 The DRY should be covered by a secondary non-absorbent and non-adherent dressing and then by a fixation bandage (or as usual).

 The DRY should be changed every 2 to 4 days. As long as there is still honey on the patch, it will still work.

When the epidermis has been rebuilt, complete the healing with the BALM

If, on the other hand, the wound stagnates, no longer evolves or has fibrin, use the MOIST

Indications and contraindications

DRY is indicated for moist to dry wounds, even in cases of infection.


- Chronic wounds

- Bed sores

- Ulcers

- Third degree burns

- Diabetic wounds

- Animal wounds



Large non-stick microfiber mesh tulle and organic Italian chestnut honey.
No additives, preservatives or chemicals.
DRY is 100% natural, sterilized and d European origin.


The DRY is available in 10x10cm and 5x5cm.

The DRY 10x10cm is soaked with 7g of Honeypatch medical honey.

It is sold individually and as a promotional pack of 5 (= a 20% reduction in the unit price).

The DRY 5x5cm is soaked with 2.5g of Honeypatch medical honey.

It is sold by unit and on sale pack of 10 (= a 20% reduction in the unit price).

Information on medical honey

Our chestnut honey is rigorously selected for its physicochemical anti-bacterial properties in order to offer protection against bodily fluids and humidity.

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