DRY - Protective healing tulle


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HONEYPATCH DRY is a unalterable tulle soaked in our healing honey. It is applied to all superficial wounds.

Form :

The products are available in 10x10cm or 5x5cm per piece.

They are also sold in "Multipack" lots on which the firm directly applies a discount comparable to the moderating price of the mutual insurance company. And this, pending the acceptance of our file at the INAMI. This discount is provisionally valid for all, without request to the mutual.


HONEYPATCH DRY is applied to all superficial wounds when there is involvement of the epidermis. The DRY model combines two actions: protect wounds against the tearing of healing tissue (dermis) and thehealing and anti-microbial action of our medical honey.

For wounds with deep dermis involvement, choose the HONEYPATCH MOIST model.

Application :

Change HONEYPATCH DRY every 72 to 96 hours. The patches should be covered with a "secondary" dressing such as woven cotton gauze or an absorbent pad.


The patch is made of an unalterable tulle soaked in our healing honey.