PURE - Medical honey against the development of wounds

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Pure 40g
  • Pure 40g


One drop is enough to cover an area of ​​3cm by 3cm because it is very concentrated.
Apply a thin layer and protect with a plaster if necessary.

Indications and contraindications

Our “PURE” skin ointment is composed of medical grade chestnut honey rigorously selected for its anti-bacterial physicochemical properties to ensure protection against bodily fluids and humidity.
The product is applied directly to the skin, on at-risk skin, around wounds, in skin folds, under a dressing or an incontinence towel.
HONEYPATCH Pure has a barrier effect that helps prevent skin breakdown or wound surface development.


No contraindications.
Valid for the whole family and animals.
Safe for newborns.


PURE is 100% natural and organic, of European origin, without additives and without preservatives.
The honey has been decontaminated by our sterilization process without increasing temperature in order to preserve its physicochemical properties.


Its 40g airless pump allows long-term use.

It can be stored for three years and is resistant between -20°C and + 35°C.

Information on medical honey

Our chestnut honey is rigorously selected for its physicochemical anti-bacterial properties to offer protection against bodily fluids and humidity.

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