Chronic Ulcer Care with Honeypatch

What does a chronic skin ulcer mean?

Chronic skin ulcer refers to a wound that has been open for more than 8 weeks. The wound is open and has oozing and/or necrotic (black) areas.

How to treat chronic skin ulcers with HONEYPATCH?

The use of antiseptics is not recommended as first intention. Their chronic use disrupts the natural healing process.

The medicinal honey selected by Honeypatch has a very broad spectrum antiseptic effect on all pathogenic bacteria potentially present in the skin without altering the bacteria (saprophytes) which contribute to the natural balance of the skin. If in doubt, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Here are the care steps:

Care protocol

When to change the patch?

The HONEYPATCH DRY patches last 2 to 3 days.

The patches HONEYPATCH MOIST lasts 3 to 4 days.

In the event of an oozing or infected wound, check the condition of the patch the following day: change the protective compress if it is soiled and leave it patch DRY or MOIST if not saturated.

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