Post-operative scars

How to remove a surgical scar?

The healing process of a surgical scar follows the same phases as all other skin lesions such as burns, cuts etc. The difference lies in the duration of the process. Post-surgical healing can extend over 2 to 4 weeks up to several months in some cases.

This is a natural healing process that takes place in several phases, an essential process to ensure a scar that will not interfere with the aesthetic appearance or the function of the place where it is located.

When the wound associated with a surgical incision has closed, the wound enters a phase of remodeling, which involves several phenomena including reduction of connective tissue and reduction of inflammation, among other things. 

HONEYPATCH BALM, healing balm with beeswax, is naturally rich in antioxidant and healing substances that go nourish and protect the postoperative wound. 

We recommend applying HONEYPATCH BALM twice a day, massaging the scar for 60 seconds. 

The viscosity of BALM is such that it penetrates perfectly into the epidermis and leaves no trace.

HONEYPATCH BALM is particularly recommended for softening Caesarean scars. Its 100% natural and organic composition is also suitable for taking care of breastfeeding cracks and pregnancy stretch marks mom and baby's sore buttocks.

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