Recommended by the veterinary faculty of the University of Liège

Are our products suitable for animals?

Indeed, our products can be used on animals of all sizes: small ones such as cats and dogs, but also large ones like horses. They are also suitable for less conventional animals such as birds, snakes and other reptiles, etc.

Our products have proven effective in treating skin abrasions, redness and itching in animals. All Honeypatch products include medicinal healing chestnut honey, selected according to a quality charter developed in collaboration with wound care experts.

Our PURE Honeypatch ointment contains organic chestnut honey promoting skin regeneration and recovery of the external ear cavity of animals following injuries or abrasions. The anti-bacterial protection of honey protects the skin and its anti-oxidant capacity helps reduce redness and itching.

As for humans, our balm BALM Cicacera is indicated to relieve skin irritations (example: dermatitis, eczema, etc.) while the ointment PURE is recommended for wet/bleeding wounds.

Our products are easy to apply (even on hairy surfaces). They rinse with clean water. We advise the animal owner or practitioner to ensure that licking of the injured area by the animal is minimized. However, our products are edible and safe for animals.

Our Honeypatch products do not contain artificial chemicals. They help reduce the use of antibiotics and corticosteroids.

The products can be used until their expiry date (3 years after sterilization). Storage temperature conditions are between 4° and 35°C.

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