The perfect product for mother and baby

MATERNITY is the ideal product for mother and baby, contributing to daily skin care.

MATERNITY is composed of our exclusive medical beeswax and an olive oil rich in antioxidants (Vit. E). It is 100% natural, organic, sterilized, edible and of European origin. Our beeswax has been rigorously selected for its healing and antifungal properties. It has not been denatured by manipulations such as pasteurization or bleaching treatment (hydrogen peroxide or bleach). We use so-called “operculum” wax, meaning that it is produced in the spring by wax bees and taken with a “knife” directly by our beekeepers. It is pure and very rich (300 different molecules) and above all, untreated. We have developed a unique sterilization process to preserve all the beneficial properties of the wax.

The product is used on the mother and the baby:

  • For the breastfeeding mother, the MATERNITY fulfills 3 functions: it prevents the appearance of cracks, it treats superficial cracks, it improves the baby's sucking during breastfeeding. It is applied in a thin layer after each feeding. As MATERNITY is edible, there is no need to rinse the nipple before feeding. Note that MATERNITY is only applied to superficial cracks - in the event of open wounds (tearing), choose our ointment instead. PURE.
  • During pregnancy, MATERNITY is also indicated for stretch marks. It is applied 2 to 3 times a day on the stomach in a thin layer (4 to 5 doses are enough). It prevents and treats red stretch marks (at an early stage). MATERNITY is a very concentrated product. One dose from the pump covers 15x15cm of skin. Despite its small size, the bottle is very economical to use (210 doses).
  • For babies, it is indicated to treat diaper rash (red buttocks). It is applied after each change in a thin layer. Two doses are enough to cover the baby's bottom.

Thanks to its "airless" pump, the MATERNITY can be stored for a long time because it is never in contact with air. This has a shelf life of 3 years after its first use.