Unit dose of PURE (2 ml) Medical honey

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PURE is a very concentrated product. Apply directly to the skin and cover with a plaster.

Indications and contraindications

PURE is natural, organic and sterilized medical honey to naturally treat all types of wounds.

PURE is a universal liquid dressing against the development of bleeding wounds:

- Cuts
- Abrasions
- Scratches
- Inflamed wounds (including infected)
- Traumatic wounds
- Bedsores
- Ulcers
- Necrotic wounds
- Diabetic wounds (diabetic foot)
- Episiotomy
- Breastfeeding cracks (with bleeding)
- Diaper rash (with bleeding)
- Animal wounds


No contraindications.
Valid for the whole family and animals.
Safe for newborns.


100% Italian organic chestnut honey  
No additives, preservatives or chemicals.
BALM is 100% natural, organic, sterilized, edible and of European origin.


It is a 2 ml sachet to treat an area of ​​5 cm2.

Information on medical honey

Our chestnut honey is rigorously selected for its anti-bacterial physicochemical properties to offer protection against bodily fluids and humidity.

The honey has been decontaminated by our process of sterilization without increasing the temperature in order to preserve its physicochemical properties.

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