The perfect product for your tattoos

Honeypatch TATTOO is an ideal product for hydrating your tattoos. TATTOO is a product based on beeswax. The product does not contain chemicals, the beeswax used is 100% natural and of European origin. This leaves a thin layer of protective film which takes care of the tattooed area.

The TATTOO uses an "airless" pump system: this allows the product to be usable for a period of 3 years even after the first use of the pump, since the product is not in contact with air. Each pump contains 30ml of wax. The bottle is hyper concentrated and can cover the human body 6 times.

You can apply the product in a thin layer 2-4 times a day for 10 days without covering the tattoo in a POST-TATTOO context. If you want to use the product for its maintenance, you can apply the product once a day in a thin layer to the tattooed area.

TATTOO is a very concentrated product. A single pump dose of it covers a 15cmx15cm area of ​​skin.

Our operculum beeswax is rigorously selected for its purity. It has not been adulterated by manipulations such as pasteurization or bleaching treatment (hydrogen peroxide or bleach). A variety of beeswax called "operculum", meaning that it is produced in spring by bees and taken with a "knife" directly by our beekeepers. It is pure and very rich (300 different molecules) and above all, untreated.

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