BALM - Epidermal balm


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The BALM is made of a medical grade beeswax lid

Our balm is indicated for use on at-risk and weakened skin when there is a risk of superficial tearing of the skin. 

It can be used for a barrier effect and can help damage the risk area.

  • Valid for the whole family
  • Safe for baby
  • No need to wash the skin before use

Medical grade beeswax: our wax rigorously selected for its purity. It has not been adulterated by manipulations such as pasteurization or a whitening treatment (hydrogen peroxide or bleach). 


30ml airless pump. This pump allows safe long-term use.


The BALM is the ideal product in the family pharmacy for all the daily sores.

Application :

You only need very little product, for two damaged hands, one dose of the pump is enough, i.e. 0.14 ml! Which makes it the most concentrated epidermal balm on the market.

One or two applications per day.

Ideal after hydroalcoholic gel or irritating soaps to restore the skin barrier.

HONEYPATCH BALM 1 goutte suffit


BALM is a 100% natural and organic mixture composed of two rigorously selected ingredients.

A variety of beeswax called "operculum", that is to say that it is produced in the spring by bees and taken with a "knife" directly by our beekeepers. It is pure and very rich (300 different molecules) and above all, untreated. The other component is a variety ofolive oil extremely concentrated in antioxidants.

The product is sterilized without heating it by irradiation process environmentally friendly, so as not to adulterate heat-sensitive components.

Our research has led to the development of a stable mixture that penetrates perfectly into the skin without chemical additives and without preservatives.