Care notebooks (9 to 13 pages)


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4 HONEYPATCH care notebooks: chronic wound, diabetic wound, breast cracks, episiotomy and cesarean section wound

Our care diaries go with you and answer a simple question: are our dressings worth the cost?

For 7 years, HONEYPATCH products have been used in many hospitals in Belgium and France.

With the help of our teams of referral nurses, we were able to collect feedback (> 260 clinical cases) to develop these follow-up notebooks. 

It is up to us that our products accelerate healing, in addition to their antibacterial effect (since they are indicated on wounds colonized at a critical stage). Despite everything, each wound evolves differently from one individual to another. 

Our follow-up notebooks include useful advice for care but also warnings (symptoms) that alert you if there is a need to consult a doctor or nurse. 

Are you being followed by a health professional? You can show him your notebook. It is designed in an approach TIME that he knows.

Our notebooks also allow you to notify the progress of your healing and determine if they are worth their cost.