Beeswax healing balm


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Healing beeswax for skin lesions.

Apply to red skin, or cracked, or weakened by stretching, without bleeding.
Example: red (or acute) stretch marks, first degree burn, sunburn, postoperative scar, crevice, tattoo. 
Apply to the face, body and breastfeeding crevices.
Hypoallergenic: for sensitive and atopic skin.

  • Valid for the whole family
  • Safe for baby
  • No need to wash the skin before use


  • 30 ml sterile airless pump. This pump allows safe long-term use.
  • The discovery kit (10 sachets of 18ml) can be favored for occasional use


The balm is the ideal product in family pharmacy for everyday ailments.
Its extremely concentrated formula forms a restorative barrier on all damaged skin: degree 1 burns, degree 1 sunburns, diaper rashes, cracks (including breasts), red stretch marks, severe irritation, postoperative scars ...

HONEYPATCH balm is hypoallergenic and suitable for atypical and eczema-prone skin (laboratory tested).
Application :

You only need very little product, for two damaged hands, one dose from the pump is enough.

One or two applications per day. Ideal after hydroalcoholic gel or irritant soaps to restore the skin barrier.

Can be applied near mucous membranes or around chronic wounds 

HONEYPATCH BALM 1 goutte suffit


BALM is a 100% natural and organic blend composed of two rigorously selected ingredients.

A variety of beeswax called "operculum", ie it is produced in spring by bees and taken with a "knife" directly by our beekeepers. It is pure and very rich (300 different molecules) and above all, untreated. The other component is a variety ofolive oil extremely concentrated in antioxidants.

Our research has enabled us to develop a stable mixture that penetrates perfectly into the skin without chemical additives and without preservatives.