The values of HONEYPATCH

Our values can be summed up in one concept: "LESS IS MORE" , in other words:

The less manipulation we have with our medical honey, the more effective it is.

Medicinal honey that we have developed (by selection and adapted beekeeping method) offers a composition rich enough to treat the most complex wounds (including those of diabetic patients) and can even be applied to oncologic wounds.

Our medicinal honey differs from edible honey in that it offers broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy and accelerates healing during each phase.

It is suitable for all existing wounds, regardless of their stage or the profile of the patient.

He helps cleanse wounds dead tissue without altering healthy tissue.

It locally disinfects wounds, it regenerates the proliferation of the skin and finally, it reduces scars.

All this is possible because the selected honey is rich and as pure as possible, which makes it possible to preserve these properties. When we dilute it, we dilute its active ingredients. Good news, we don't add anything! He is sufficiently concentrated in molecules which have a healing and antiseptic action.

Can raw honey be effective enough? The answer is yes.

It depends on the floral essence in part. Three types of honey have been identified to date that can meet these conditions: manuka, chestnut and the ulmo.

But this is not enough, it is also important that the concentration is sufficient.

But, what guarantees the consumer that the ointment sold in pharmacies contains enough? In fact, nothing.

Because the legislation does not impose it.

We invite patients to ask the firms about the final concentration of active ingredients. We, HONEYPATCH, we offer this guarantee. Any laboratory can confirm the richness of active ingredients in our honey to accelerate healing and kill pathogenic germs. HONEYPATCH has chosen a chestnut honey which contains another antibacterial substance.

It is an enzyme which, in contact with the wound, produces hydrogen peroxide over a long period (48 hours) without adverse effects. To guarantee this effect, therefore, the honey should not be diluted. It must be preserved as much as possible. We therefore continually ensure that the composition of our honey is stable from year to year in addition to testing for pathogens.

If HONEYPATCH has convinced many hospitals, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists and ... patients, it is because we have respected these values.

Our society only makes sense through the service it provides to patients: to offer the best healing product possible.

We were pioneers in developing a natural, organic product while preserving its properties and its richness. Indeed, if you find a healing honey in pharmacies, by sterilization it has lost some of its active ingredients where we use a different method to better preserve them. 

Today, we hope that our concept will meet your expectations to move towards more natural products, without chemical additives and preservatives. 

The future of HONEYPATCH:

Our company is developing new products for the general public in collaboration with Walloon researchers. And always in accordance with our values.

Soon, a new generation of revolutionary patches will hit the market.

Their applications will be numerous, ranging from periodontology to gynecology. Honeypatch will be called upon to produce for other laboratories.