How to avoid pregnancy stretch marks?

How to avoid pregnancy stretch marks?

We all dream of not seeing the appearance of unsightly stretch marks during pregnancy. They are similar to scars or rather to streaks. And the good news is that it is quite simply and naturally possible to act and reduce them, and even make them disappear by taking care of your skin on the belly and the chest. from the start of pregnancy by acting on the healing process.


The ideal for pregnant women is to prevent the appearance of unsightly stretch marks, but they can still be made to disappear as soon as they form and are then depleted. purplish colors. It is essential to act relatively quickly because unfortunately, those which have been installed for a long time, white stretch marks, will no longer disappear.


We offer you our Honeypatch balm. The application of this 100% natural cream composed of beeswax from the lids of our selection of medicinal honey beehives and a vegetable oil, olive oil.

Did you know that over 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks?

Pregnancy is a risky period for the appearance of stretch marks. Three signs can alert the mother-to-be from the start of pregnancy:

  1. Rapid weight gain
  2. Itches
  3. The appearance of redness

Why should you protect and nourish your skin from the onset of the inflammatory phase?

Because there is no treatment to remove white stretch marks (chronic stretch marks) (1). However, fresh stretch marks (red to purplish red) are still reversible. Better to be careful and prevent them from settling chronically.


What are stretch marks?

Red stretch marks are caused by subcutaneous inflammation caused by stretching the skin and tearing the elastic fibers. Subsequently, they will take a white tint sign of reaching a stage of maturation.

The medical literature regularly publishes on the subject of stretch marks that cause lasting psychological damage to patients who suffer from them. The last review (2) tells us two things:

1- The treatments offered are all for mature stretch marks (white) for which the process is irreversible. At present, the ideal product to treat these stretch marks does not exist and is not ready to see the light of day. Furthermore, surgical techniques have not made it possible to demonstrate a significant level of proof.

2- The stretch mark at the early stage (red in color) is similar to an internal wound (micro-tear) at the inflammatory stage which is not systematically irreversible.

Why are we more likely to get stretch marks during pregnancy?

There are several risk factors (3):

- The rapid and essential weight gain for pregnant women

- Increased abdominal circumference and hips.

- Relaxin deficiency. Hormonal changes in pregnant women are numerous.

- A lack of hydration.

- A vitamin C deficiency.

The ideal treatment for red stretch marks should

  • increase skin elasticity
  • increase skin hydration
  • have anti-inflammatory action.


Our balm HONEYPATCH, a cream against stretch marks, without perfume, meets all these requirements because it is similar to the sebum that we produce naturally


Balm HONEYPTACH vergetures


Did you know? The sebum that we produce seals our skin, protects it against external aggressions (viruses and allergens) and contributes to the elasticity of our epidermis. 

If it doesn't get a good press, it's because we don't produce it evenly throughout our bodies. We produce a lot of it on the head, face, or shoulders, torso, areas at risk for the development of acne.

The firm Honeypatch, specialized in wound care made from natural medicinal honey, examined the properties of operculum wax, a very rich substance produced by bees in the spring. This substance, associated with a variety of olive oil, makes it possible to reconstitute a mixture very close to the composition of sebum, with in addition to healing and anti-microbial properties, very interesting for the skin (5).


The Honeypatch Balm offers you the best of Nature:

  • A careful selection of natural components for their purity and effectiveness, validated by laboratory tests.
  • Our sterilization process eliminates the need for preservatives and extends the validity of the product, stored in an airless pump.



HONEYPATCH balm accompanies future mothers during pregnancy but will also be very useful to you after childbirth for mother's scars as well as for the baby's first months:

  • 100% natural and tasteless protection to protect your nipples from cracking caused by breastfeeding
  • A protective and soothing action essential for babies' red buttocks
  • More effective than sweet almond oil, the balm softens cradle cap and breaks them down