HONEY PATCH TUBE disappears from the range in favor of HONEYPATCH PURE

HONEYPATCH medicinal honey

In order to meet your expectations, our 100% organic / natural medicinal honey now comes in a new packaging resistant, practical and long-lasting!


Since our inception at Honeypatch, we have attached great importance to user reviews of our products. It was based on this feedback that we decided to change the packaging of the TUBE. 

It is therefore with great pleasure that we present HONEYPATCH PURE to you!

From May 15th you will discover our new healing honey ointment, under the name PURE in 40g packaged in an airless pump.


Easy to handle, resistant, light, it will easily fit in a doctor's case or a family's first aid kit.


👍1 dose covers 3 cm2 of skin  

👍 The recyclable airless pump ♻ from 40 g = 210 doses

👍 It can be kept for 3 years 

👍 The PURE 40g is also more economical since it is cheaper than 2 Tubes 20g.

👍 Together with our BALM, they form the natural and essential alternative to the family care kit.

Please feel free to share your initial feedback with us. We hope you give him a warm welcome!


Denomination TUBE PURE
CNK 3070-364 3936-366
Conditioning Aluminum tube Recyclable airless pump
Amount 20 g

40 g (210 doses)

1 dose covers 3cm2 of skin.
Use For open skin wounds For skin wounds, with barrier effect
The duration of the conversation Short - 4 months after opening Long - 3 years after sterilization
Classification Medical device Medical device