Chestnut honey, very practical for your family pharmacy!

We especially know honey for its frequent use in cooking. Its flavor and aroma perfume pastries, desserts, cookies or simply a good hot milk.

But did you know that it also has virtues for our health ? We are going to focus on the virtues of chestnut honey in terms of wound healing and present to you HONEYPATCH PURE, a solution for sores, 100% natural and organic. Indispensable and so practical: to bring in your family kit at home or to take away, when traveling and for leisure.

Chestnut honey and its healing properties for the skin

One of the peculiarities of the chestnut tree is the abundance of its pollen. This tree blooms for about two weeks, it is therefore found in the honeys collected in spring.

Chestnut honey is characterized by its robustness and pronounced taste, but also by its richness in vitamins and trace elements. It therefore has an exceptional hydrating power and capital in speed wound healing. They are conferred on him by his anti-inflammatory properties and powerful antibacterials.

It also acts on theabsorption of small oozes from a wound, thanks to its high concentration of sugars.



HONEYPATCH PURE, the chestnut honey essential in your family kit!

A complete and very effective natural solution for all the little ailments in the family. Its small sterile tube can be kept for a very long time (3 years) at all temperatures (from -20 ° c to 35 ° c). Just apply a drop for an area of 3 cm2! It is safe to apply to mucous membranes.



HONEYPATCH Pure is 100% natural and organic, no contraindication. The chestnut honey that composes it is rigorously selected for its pharmacological properties.