Important information: How much BALM to apply to the skin?

1 drop is enough to cover two hands (0.14 ml / 600 cm2).

The natural formula of BALM is very close to the composition of the sebum produced by the glands associated with the hair follicles.

The healing beeswax that goes into its composition has, in addition to sebum, an anti-microbial effect, validated by our laboratory tests (available on request).

BALM is therefore naturally very rich and includes more than 300 different molecules! On the other hand, it does not contain water, nor any artificial chemical additive.

What is the point of imitating the texture of sebum?

Sebum is the essential substance for our skin to ensure its impermeability. Without sebum, the epidermis lets viruses and allergenic substances enter the body and in the other direction, it allows too much water to evaporate, which quickly dehydrates a person.

To simplify, the sebum constitutes a "mortar" which clogs the "bricks" formed by the skin cells in contact with the air. Specialists speak of a "brick-mortar" block. 

This image taken under an electron microscope makes it possible to realize how thin and fragile the layer of cells in contact with air is: only a few layers of cells without a nucleus doomed to disappear. They hold together thanks to an external skeleton (specialists speak of an exoskeleton). What strengthens these bonds is the sebum.

BALM therefore has the same viscosity as sebum. It helps to seal these cells well. It does not take more than ... sebum to be effective!

It is funny to see in this picture that our sebum itself is itself partly made up of ... wax, like that produced by bees! Our sebum also contains ... scalene, like sharks!

The people who use the BALM therefore have at their disposal a product so concentrated and rich that a small drop is enough. A 30 ml airless pump. can cover 6x the entire body! 

BALM is therefore a 100% natural biomimetic.